Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Terrorist As The Letter T

The Terrorist As The Letter T

#1.       I toss this into the mix from outside
            the high-voltage trammel lines.
            I wouldn’t want to be tardy, if I were you.

#2.       It’s a graven invitation to the marriage
            of Terpsichore and Trinitrotoluene,
            two distant branches of the one tree.

#3.       Tanzania or Togo will always pick up
            the tab, so don’t keep a tally,
            tally-ho, tally-ho.

#4.       Such tidings! Until now the trajectory
            of my bloodline was a tractrix,
            tomorrow it will tend towards a catenary.

#5.       (This is taboo. They are taping
            all your tangents,
            taping them off.)

#6.       ‘Time Ain’t On Your Side’,
            intone Tiresias and the Thebans.
            It’s topped the charts for ages.

#7.       Tranquility
            is armed
            to the teeth.

#8.       If your troops are T-cells
            in the immune system of the body politic,
            I’m reverse transcriptase.

#9.       Wedding bells: I say
            tintinabulation, you say tocsin.
            Here comes trouble, time for toil.

#10.    I toss up a theme
            and topple your towers. Tada!
            I’m ten public enemies in one.

#11.    Tragedy! Thunderbolt!
            Titanic throes!
            Tumult! Tyburn trees!

#12.    If your tropes are T-cells
            in the constitution
            I’m reverse transcriptase.

#13.    My tell-tale traits are on the tube.
            Not to worry, hard to tell: Toulouse-Lautrec’s
            mugshots touched up my good side.

#14.    I leap in my Chevy Tahoe
            with my tommy-guns and my tra-la-la,
            take the low road towards Tiajuana.

#15.    My tracks and traces
            are everywhere,
            top-notch disguises:

#16.    a topiarist
            of erotic tableaux
            in the tawny privets;

#17.    a translator
            of Tibetan mantras
            into Telugu;

#18.    a tippler
            of fine teas
            in tenebrous tasting rooms.

#19.    Township
            to trembling township.
            Tragedy! Tyburn trees!

#20.    All night the tom-toms thump
            in Terminus Alley, east L.A.
            Tlingit Indians are chanting

#21.    ‘All the way
            all the way
            all the way with Tokay’.

#22.    The silent c in Tucson
            is a trap in the tarmac,
            a shibboleth.

#23.    /tu:ksn/
            means death,

#24.    Time is not on my side.
            Who’s that tearing down my door?
            The tetrarchs of trouble.

#25.    Tie, truss, torture,
            trick, twist, turnscrew,
            torque, test, truncheon.

#26.    “Take a vacation from temporality;
            trail the Templars through
            the tropics of televised fabliaux”.                          (Good Cop)

#27.    “A Tazer is a sex toy
            for exhibitionists.
            Je t’adore, ma tazer”.                                           (Bad Cop)

#28.    If your traps are T-cells
            in our tête-à-têtes
            I’m reverse transcriptase.

#29.    Tie, torque, Tonton Macoute,
            Thus can one trust
            the testimony of tarantulas.

#30.    Where was I
            when the first tower tottered?
            I was babbling about tragedy in Timbuktu.

#31.    Truss, turnkey, truncheon,
            tunful of turds
            and all the time in the world.

#32.    On live TV
            tumult and tribute
            under the Ty, under the burn, under the Tyburn tree.

#33.    I’m not theatrical,
            I’m not weeping,
            it’s the gas, the teargas.

©  Ger Killeen